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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Oct 1 - Oct 15

    Amazing entries! Congrats everyone!
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    I also got kicked out, unable to log back in
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    Why this is a bad game!

    you can gnogment upto 3 runes on your staff for free...pick and choose..dont just equip any gear , customize it!
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    Why this is a bad game!

    you can just buy cash shop items for gold from people who sell cash shop items occasionally, though everything in game can be done for free, but if you do buy cash shop items for gold from a player, trade gold for the cash shop items in ardent or somewhere if you dont know them.
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    V&H Event Committee

    Welcome Meagan, Emeraldae and Math Fish! Glad to have you all here!
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    New Content Creator!

    I wish you all the best!
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    EU1 server population

    The time when you come online matters alot, mornings and nights are bad time, less people, otherwise all other times, especially in the evening of EU time the server is packed with people.
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    Saving Marvel-ous Private Otter Event!

    Bumped this up 😃 Today is the last day for registering for this event everyone! Register while you still can!
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    Pyramid of Anuk'Amon

    1.No they are allright, the find the fossil quest can be annoying though, interesting enough though and gives more ways to get sands 2. Its interesting, confusing at first but after a few runs a person will get the hang of it 3.Yes they are, no lvl 50 or less can handle them without sustaining...
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    V&H Event Committee

    Welcome Kil and Myn! Glad to have you guys!
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday August 27th - September 3rd

    Thank you 😊 Spoiler for those who have'nt read the Orla's Veldt story!
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    EU1 Event-V&H related Trivia Contest!

    I can say with certainty that this event was a huge success and alot of people learnt more about V&H lore! Thank you again all for coming!
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    EU1 Event-V&H related Trivia Contest!

    On 14th August 2021(Saturday) there will be a Trivia Contest! The topic is Villagers and Heroes, so be sure to brush up on your V&H knowledge folks! There will also be a lottery event at the end of it (for only those who are present there). Time: 16:30 AT (check Ardent Time by clicking on...
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    Hmmm alot of things depending on mu mood, but ill only list hobbies and things i enjoy doing; Playing V&H (i know ... know...a shocker!) Cook Write poetry or stories watch Youtube watch any series/movie on netflix/disney plus watch anime Go to the gym
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    Lucky Draw/Raffle[Are you lucky?]- EU1 Event

    Congratulations Galateia! You are the lucky winner of the lucky draw/raffle and you win a Vualt space! 😄 Thank you to everyone who participated! The event was a huge success! We had 31 participants! For any one whos wondering how i chose the winner, this is how I did it;