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    Event Zone Timer & Rule Clarification

    PERSONALLY.....A long time ago before Starfall and before Vale and Sugarsweet Summit I believe, we did have system messages that went out when the Event Zone Bounties appeared or were about to appear. I don't know if any of the veteran players remember but specifically in Halloween zone and...
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    Patch 4.44 - The Vale & The Prince!

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    iOS issues

    The game at one time, way back in 2011 when they started, was through Facebook. But it has not been accessible through facebook for a long time now.
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    Stories on the Strand

    Hmmmmmmmmmm Someone on US1 a while ago did this as well, but I can't remember who it was. Anyone remember?
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday July 3 - 10

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    Unable to advance quest on my ALT due to bug.

    You can contact Customer Support but use "other" when it asks what the issue is. Please be sure you give the exact name of the item you need. They will handle this for you.
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    New Ardent Ledger!

    WOW Thank you Sarah Otter... Another great Ledger! I should have known, Imp's fav poet is Shel Silverstein! He writes much like Shel!! HI John and Welcome!!
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday June 26 - July 3

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    Current Contest The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest

    "OK not funny guys... who stole my horse?" IrishElf US1
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    Reminder about running simultaneous accounts

    I remember that! LOL
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    Canada Day Celebration

    Happy Canada Day :)
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    The US3 Chanteuse Event

    I edited it because I mistakenly thought you were talking about another player. I did send you a message after moderating it that said why it was moderated. You must not have seen the message. I fixed it. In the future, if you have something moderated, instead of posting in public, please...
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    For me it never had anything to do with lag, I was not getting lag when I saw this happen. The bad part is with the false number being given, the player keeps hitting the "false" Jacinda and as long as the player keeps hitting it the "false" one remains. If only the player hitting that "False"...
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    Please take a team to a live server and check this for yourselves. There really seems to be something wrong with the mechanism. Often when we are to find the one real Jacinda, as many as 3 seem to at least at first give false numbers. But it keeps happening sometimes throughout the fight. I...