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    What are you watching right now?

    I just watched this one and really had a good time and many laughs.
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    Gortrin quest: The Unfolding Tale

    Hello Karen, yes, I have actually finished it yesterday without any problems. All items were as they are supposed to be. The mudpile is still at the side of the smallest pond in the garden. Good luck!!
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    Shadow of the Eclipse - Discussion Thread

    I really like the update, especially the raids! It is a great change to former content, so thank you very much! What I wonder about is, whether the raids are supposed to be for groups of different levels. Just ran with 2 other players. A wizzard, level 32, hunter, 65 and me, a water shaman 85...
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    Shadow of the Eclipse - Report Bugs Here!

    Same here. We got kicked from a raid of 6, zone crashed, now I can´t log in again.
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    Bunny Mount WINNERS!

    Congratulations all winners!! Although I am a little bit envious, I am very happy for you! :)
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    FREE St. Patrick’s Day Gifts!

    Thank yo so much, what a nice surprise :D
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    Luck in love, bad luck in the game… (or the curse of RNG)

    You are right, this actually is not a problem. What I meant are the stats I wish to have on my epic gear. For each class I play, they more or less are different. The epic outcome on a crafted item is rather seldom. Which I would be fine with, if the the stats on it would be the ones I want...
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    Luck in love, bad luck in the game… (or the curse of RNG)

    … is a nice saying, but in my opinion it shouldn't get out of hand in a MMO. I have now reached a point where this lack of luck takes almost any fun out of the game. I have both gear and armor mastery, but I am not able to make the required or wanted equipment for neither my friends nor me...
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    New Ardent Society Membership Plan

    Thank you so very much for the wonderful and lovely gifst we get from the daily chests!! They are so much fun to explore, always useful and very often bring a smile to my face when exploring. You truely exceeded my expectations ❤
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    [Spoiler/Guide] Blighted Isles daily quests

    I so very much appreciate the info here and would like to thank Neia, but also all other adding infos in this thread!! Actually I do have problems to locate the spots from the Wiki - although I also really like and appreciate the Wiki and all the work and infos provided there. But this page...
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    Thank You Secret Santa

    Huge thanks to my Secret Santa for the wonderful, very generous and thoughtful gifts, as well as the very sweet note ❤ Many thanks also to the Event Committe for organizing the whole event! Merry Christmas all and a happy new year!
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    A Holiday Shield

    You can get a recepie from the EZ bosses for a shield. Need 12 pieces of it. Good luck!
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    Quest Suggestion: The Blessings of Tianma

    Thanks a lot @SprigOfHalcyon for your great help! Was able to manage the quest at me 2nd try. What helped me also a lot was another hint: always face the direction the horse is looking at. Then you will be able to see the next position much easier. Forzunately we do not need to "catch" it, just...
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    The Surge of the Shaman Challenge!

    Outrageous - congrats to you!! :D(y)
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    New Royal Guardians!

    Congrats to all of you!! I mainly can judge for Raelin and you so much deserve it!!