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    Game Balance

    Don't really think it's a nerf it might even be a buff in some aspect, just want to make it a bit "taxing" to built around, and probably become more specialized and less versatile. Also I just think it make much more sense isn't it, it will still be a strong ultimate even for 20 talent point and...
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    Shivergear options?

    it just happened yesterday it's been a while since I help with lvl 40 elders, finding the shiver gear in my vault take a whole lot of time especially since we can't put a specific icon for gear anymore.
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    How to confirm Juggernaut is proccing?

    Is there any other identifier for Juggernaut other than the animation, because I can't notice it and can't find out how much it actually does. I have a suspicion that when Juggernaut proc the number goes big as if we do crit damage, because that's the only time I manage to notice something going...
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    Game Balance

    Darkfrost is not DoT so it doesn't detonate
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    Game Balance

    Just checked again too make sure, It doesn't detonate everything all the time.
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    Game Balance

    may be but not really since at that level most of the time you only have 3 feat, so not that many feat to detonate and feat like gloom will still have similar duration with the cooldown so detonating things isn't that powerful anyway at that point of the game. That changes target hybrid instead...
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    Game Balance

    IMO the Unstable Power itself is okay, I just think it's overpowered as ultimate that cost 5 talent point, like if it just switch place with vampira that is way too weak for ultimate that cost 20 talent point, it will be good to go.
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    Quest Suggestion: The Blessings of Tianma

    The only alternatives i can think of is to do it with someone else, preferably someone that doing the quest too or someone that remember the path by hearth.
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    Game Balance

    I think that one is because of Thorncrest Origin buff (+4% crit chance, +25% crit damage) which right now it too strong and kinda a must have for Damage dealer class, If you ignore the thorncrest buff it's only around 3% more crit chances than average player that have around 20k savagery which...
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    Game Balance

    I think that's the issue of player power gap, from what I see when top tier Damage dealer and top tier Tank run together the tank can still hold the aggro and that's before the threat buff update. If that's not the case I think that is where coordination supposed to come in, like holding back a...
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    Which class should i chose as a new player ?

    It kinda depends on what you like to do. If you just want to chill and have fun the easiest class to play is either Earth Shaman or Nature hunter
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    how many times can a 22 hour crop be watered?

    watering time is once every 4 hours right?
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    Game Balance

    On some case it the built fault, that most class have some really good and some really bad feat/talent, but personally I found that it is more about the content fault not the character built fault. As I've mentioned before, there are no content that need a super tanky warrior, there are no...
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    Game Balance

    I think it just won't work because a class can easily go hybrid and having class that have defensive+offensive sub classes make them both a tank and/or healer and a Damage dealer. At the same time I don't want to remove the ability for player to go hybrid since it increase the number of viable...
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    What do you believe your classes strengths and weaknesses are?

    Warrior Strength : very tanky, have great damage, have good damage/mana used (fury), and have flexible built. Weakness: - simply being a melee, which make me got hit with lot of AoE stun and debuff, hitting and changing target is hard (especially because of the pathing bug), - hard to...