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    Minecraft and Dark Souls - A Critique of Combat (Part 1/3)

    Type of Combat I think it don't have to be a spectrum from chill to try hard or a mix. I enjoy all of them as long as it feels good. I played all type of game from just turned base rpg, too highly action packed one, and can enjoy all of them. There is no set rule that Minecraft combat have to be...
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    (Discussion) Analysis of Stats

    I think this comparison isn't correct, because you forgot to compare the uptime of the 2 stats. Tho both have 5% chance, every tick of damage you do can give you void strike charge. This mean you can cheat Voidstrike more by using AoE attack, DoT tick, Damage return, etc which make for a lot of...
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    Why this is a bad game!

    I think both side of the argument have merit, even tho socket, mote, premium tools, etc, not a big pay wall, the game can be much better without them.
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    EZ and Raid Boss Bug

    I get similar issue to this I think, I keep randomly strafing backward and lose control of my character in the middle of a long fight for no reason, Doing a quick Alt+tab out and then Alt+Tab back seems to solve it for me, but yeah it still is annoying.
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    Confused about how I'm supposed to get support for a broken quest

    According to wiki there is indeed 5 spots, tho the description is a bit vague. Check Missing Backpack - Official Villagers and Heroes Wiki (
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    US2 Raid Tournaments!

    Hey Everyone with this the Tournament is over and we got our winner... TEAM 1 !!! Kaasan, Heidrun, Pawwars, Kish, and Assassinxx! Congratulation Team 1 for winning the tournament and to the runner up team 2 for the gallant effort! It was a great and close tournament, each team winning 3 raid...
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    What is a hybrid?

    I think Hybrid in general is just a combination of the 2 subclasses. Now what probably make it confusing is some players have different boundary on when to call it hybrid. Some say taking a single spell or a single talent from the other class is already a hybrid, while some might not. For me...
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    Side Content (maybe with quest lines)

    Not sure if I understand the original post correctly, but to me the idea posted doesn't really sounds like a side quest, but more like a new side content altogether that happen to be a quest. They are great ideas and I'd love to have them, but won't comment further about them. For me side quest...
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    Please Make the Blighted Isles Beautiful!

    I think instead of making partially like Bevyn's Coille, I prefer if it is more like Summers Hollow where the environment change bit by bit reverting the curse. I think that will make it more consistent with the lore too. Tho if it is done that way, we might have to wait for new content till...
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    Critique Series (Reference Page)

    Oh can't wait till you put them all! I'll finally have place to rant about everything! One topic that I'd like to suggest you add would be "Power Progression and Level Scaling" something along those line, because I find they are the core issue that prevent the Otter achieve their goal of one...
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    What Am I Gathering? - A Critique of Gathering

    I would love an improvement in quality for normal gathering. Plentiful was nice, but it really makes normal gathering feel sucks. Like instead of just go and gather, what I and most people do seems to search for plenties and if there is none then I just don't gather for the day. I think it would...
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    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    Story Of The Year - Until The Day I Die Story Of The Year - Until The Day I Die (Official Music Video) | Warner Vault - YouTube
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    Review of Villagers and Heroes (from Josh Strife Hayes)

    I seems to agree with everything he mentioned beside the nitpick, some of the conclusion he makes is wrong, but the though process behind it still hit the mark. I'll just address his main point that really ring with me. Not his exact phrasing, but here are the point. "Villagers & Heroes feels...
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    US2 Raid Tournaments!

    Sorry for the delay! Points for round 2 and objective for round 3 is up here! Only 1 more round is left and team 1 is in the lead by 113 points! Both team can still win and it has been a tight race! Team 1 proved them self with their ability to squeeze points from complicated objectives winning...
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    items bought from auction

    Unless you buyout the item, you'll have to wait the auction timer to end before you'll receive your items. If you win the bid/buyout, the item will be sent to your mail. Sometimes it can have a few minutes delay.