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    Why does V&H Android app has so many trackers injected into it?

    Browsers don't have a tracker, because they themselves are a tracker
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    Why does V&H Android app has so many trackers injected into it?

    I'm no expert in the topic, but i find the detection method is pretty vague, like just by having in the code, which very likely to happen since this game used to be a Facebook application. That web also don't know what some of the trackers do but listed them there anyway, and when...
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    US3 Mote Seller Prices and Locations

    are the vendor prices the same for all server?
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    Guild Family Trees

    I only have been in 3 Guilds. My first guild is "The Sleepers" I know, it have different name before I join, but I forget what it was, the guild is now gone. My second guild is Happy Folks, I made it with some friends but now it's gone too. My third and current guild is the "Terminators" It...
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    Some Useful Spreadsheed

    Added "Stats Calculator". If anyone have a suggestion what I should make please do tell me :)
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    Some Useful Spreadsheed

    Just want to share some useful spreadsheet. If anyone can put this into wiki please do so, I'm not good on making the page format and table on the wiki. The link below will link you to my spread sheet. Active Rune Guide Stats Calculator I'll add some more spreadsheet soon. Please give me your...
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    Blighted Mineral Spirits Recipe

    It is for Preparation Master For a preparation item that is used on your helm to add some blasting Yes, he is at
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    Which stats can't be crafted on which armours?

    yes on the actual gear, crafted can't have Brutality, Savagery, Clarity, Berserk, Magic Find, Voidstrike on any type of crafted gear, except on weapon if you're a weapon master.
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    Game Balance

    After looking at the chart again I feel like we have an issue with support class/any class that is not a damage dealer, having more than one of them, kinda make them redundant, and not sure what can be done about that. And some priest also often just spam their healing spell regardless of HP...
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    Damage balance of Fury warrior, please consider

    I agree with this part, right now Fury warrior felt like a jack of all trade master of none. At the same time buffing warrior is always a hard thing to do because of the hybrid can always be the best of both world. The best thing that can be buffed is the effect of two handed sword, because it...
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    Ultimate: Shadow Weave - difficult to use.

    I feel like it is useful but only when fighting at grouped zone that is not dungeon like Pyrron Zone and Gortrin. It is on of those talent that only good at a certain condition
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    Tamed Zombie Mount

    Wow mystery solved :D. Wish i can find that out by myself but that gonna take forever...
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    Tamed Zombie Mount

    Don't think anyone reach the limit yet if there is any, but the highest relation can be acquired at 540ish reputation yes. already got Heroic relation to all faction and can buy mounts from the 4 big islands.
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    Game Balance

    I think it will be much better if the enemy does more damage constantly, but reduce the "Nuke". Right now the enemy like doing no damage until the big blast and a lot of of players suddenly get one hit kill by the big blast. If the enemy does more constant damage, it can increase the dynamics in...
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    Tamed Zombie Mount

    Well it doesn't seem to be unlocked by reputation, the one that unlocked by reputation is the mount vendor at quietus that sells Spider Mount, at least according to the npc dialogue. I don't bug report it because I think there is a way to unlock it that no one knows yet.