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    Event Zone Timer & Rule Clarification

    A simpler solution is to just increase prisma HP, right now she can die under 30 second, which is really fast for an Elder.
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    Leveling a Fury Warrior

    If you find fury warrior squishy just use a shield and take the spurring jolt talent from lightning talent tree, because that is the main thing that make Warrior tankier than other classes
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    Event Zone Timer & Rule Clarification

    Well actually it is always chaotic at the start many new EZ first timer plus language barrier always cause this issue, usually it will be much better after the first few days.
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    just ask away anytime! You can always do the lower quest you have skipped along the way. The quests don't have upper limit only lower limit. So even if you're level 90 you can still do level 1 quest, but the reward won't be as satisfying anymore.
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    Event Zone Timer & Rule Clarification

    welp I'm not there and probably won't be for a few days, but the OP describe it clearly that there is the "punishment" as in they will be kicked from game if they do, which doesn't sounds right to me.
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    Event Zone Timer & Rule Clarification

    It is more of an etiquette not a rule, they should have teach them not threaten them. Threatening to kick them is way too far.
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    Combat is boring and easy

    I agree that for most part the combat is kinda boring and overtimes things keep getting easier. Tho it kinda hard to simply say it is too easy because there are quite a lot of player that actually still struggle and find the game is way too hard already. I feel like most of the combat mechanic...
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    What is The Steps of Creating Salt of Sanity?

    It is already available on wiki , I can't confirm if it is correct or not, since all of the quest item needed fit perfectly into one stack so I didn't keep count of how many I need.
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    Need help

    Either Greenhaven or Halcyon if you want to focus donating raw material. If you make a lot of refined material using mote of Yorick, Glittermore can be worth it to
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    Dungeons vs Raids

    I agree. I believe the main reason is the reward. The other part is the group scaling is still wacky just multiplying the enemy HP and damage by 3 or 6 depending on group size, which more often than not just make it much harder than doing it solo. Also still kinda felt disappointing since even...
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    What is The Steps of Creating Salt of Sanity?

    Just need double the amount so just double the amount of everything, so you need 2 of each rare drop The drop rate is just so low that it is really hard to confirm that, tho more people believe they did help
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    Current Contest The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest

    your high horse is deeply rooted... Verrier US2
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    For easy solo: priest or shaman?

    You can always mixed it up, like playing Shadow priest but add 1 or 2 healing spell. Which make soloing much easier. Overall I think Priest is much stronger just harder to play since it is a mix of healer and damage dealer, while shaman not as strong but is much easier to play and safer since...
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    Mana System

    I also wish to nerf mana potion by a lot but after talking to many player almost no one like the the idea. Personally I don't mind people spamming mana potion, my only issue is that it render mana efficient built kinda useless at group content, because it just have less DPS and there are nothing...
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    The depths

    The other way I usually do is to just go ahead to Sapphira's Lament and grind out the normal mob there, normal mob give decent exp when they're around 6-7 level higher than you. It's kinda hard and grindy, but the exp is decent