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    Quality of Life

    Hi I have a suggestion and was told this be a good place to put it so here goes. I'm top contributer in my village for our cog project despite being only lv 35 however that being said it's still hard not being a max. I try my best to save cog supplies to sell for blues I do pretty good on that...
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    Dear Devs can we please get this moment pretty please?🥺

    I suggest for a new mount which will work for ethier the Valentine's or summer event zone a giant white flying 🕊️ Dove mount to clarify I mean the bird not the 🧼 bar 😂 lol Also can we make it as big as A dragon Mount and maybe make it fly at least 5ft in the air if not just a lil bit higher than...
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    On the loss of CardQueen

    Im so sorry to hear about this I knew CQ way back on vh im not gonna say how gor personal reasons but i wanted to tell people that no matter what happens in life with your friends you should always love and pray for them upon there passing i have many regets we did not get to make up like i...