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  1. Event Zone Behavior

    Is there going to be sugar sweet event this year
  2. Soul bound items in quest chests

    Other than my previous post I would like to see if you can make the quest items in chests tradable instead of soul bound. Lots of items I would like to use but can’t enhance them because I’m not at the lvl in crafting and I can’t give them to my teammates to help me with them. So therefore My...
  3. Potions and gathering supplies

    Would like to suggest if there could be a potion vendor that sells the potions that you get on calendar like village potions and such or some kind of potion pack in crown shop. And gathering supplies in crown shop are way too much. 2500 supplies for 10$ is not worth it. I would buy if it was a...
  4. iOS Compensation

    I’m back running now it’s my internet. something is going on with it so I’m using my data and works fine. Thx
  5. iOS Compensation

    Thx for this but was letting you know that my game will not load yet keeps referring back to authentication is taken longer than thought and won’t boot up
  6. Servers Down Monday, December 16th

    Yes I’m good now
  7. Servers Down Monday, December 16th

    Update is now up please form a single file line in an orderly fashion
  8. Servers Down Monday, December 16th

    update is now up
  9. Servers Down Monday, December 16th

    Sorry couldn’t back out of reply lol
  10. Servers Down Monday, December 16th

    Hello everyone from legends. Good morning adventurers. Everything is going to be fine. We will all live to see another day lol
  11. Servers Down Monday, December 16th

    Still no update I have restarted and refreshed several times. is there any word on when update will be ready?
  12. Servers Down Monday, December 16th

    Just saw this thx for the info
  13. Servers Down Monday, December 16th

    Can’t get update to show on iPhone tried rebooting and refreshing App Store but no lick
  14. Servers Down Thursday, Dec 12th

    Finally got mine to thx. but family is home now so I guess I have to be a dad again. Lol