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    A quick review of “hard” content

    What happened to Elyon? 🤔 Did it enraged off the platform?
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    A quick review of “hard” content

    Kinda like… pokemon shinys? 🤭 I wouldnt mind if it could give a nice comestic (or actually useful weapon). Like a legendary weapon, shield or an enchantment. 🥰
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    A quick review of “hard” content

    Hahahah! 🤣 Yeah, Im getting that vibe… I do feel someone elee have just mentioned, there are other games that do it better with a thrill and a challenge 🤭 And what VnH isnt quite that place atm or… Im not sure if it will ever be, a thrill ride/challenge/max content for the max kinda thing 💁🏻‍♂️...
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    A quick review of “hard” content

    Ummmm… 🤔 I can still remember the first horde battle in EU1… it was bloody. Cant forget how high the death toll was… 👻👻👻👻👻👻 Its an interesting concept to think about… I get a sense… is it about pushing the status quo in VnH, where the hero doesnt always have to be victorious one? (regarding...
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Sept 30th - Oct 21

    That Ghost Rider cosplay!!!!!!! 🤣🤣
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    Patch 4.85.6 - Server Only Build

    I wouldnt have describe the locker as “UGLY” lol (Ah! rhat cracked me up!) I thought they just look too much like a steel cabinet/rock thing 🤷🏻‍♂️ I would love if we could customise the skin of the lockers, in the future, to match our houses or have its own skin designs 🙏
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    What zones are in the most need of a visual overhaul?

    WoooooOooh, the new images look very nicely rendered :D Yeppie! Cant wait to see it in game :)))) (And… not that im gonna noticed much difference as Im always playing on the second lowest display setting xD lol) The oldest and stuffiest maps… maybe visually stale… that I could think of… it...
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    Hi, everyone just wanted to post something since the update patch… for some reason, I’m lagging all the time. Is this just me? Playing on iso here. Took like 30secs or more to load from account screen to my character. Normally, its just an instant 5 secs blink. 🤷🏻‍♂️ And the ez and attacking...
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    Vote for the new Twilight Vale outfits here!

    Wow! A vote for the twilight vale outfit!!! I love this idea 🥰👏👏👏 Thank you for showing your design!!! Love the cerulean scaled armour A LOT!!! 🥰🌈 Torrential Royalty is also an wicked design😭💖
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Tues, April 19th for Small Build

    What a relief with those bushes blocking the view in catacomb to see incoming cannon blasts 🤣🤣 Thank youuuuu !
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Wednesday, April 6th, for Small Fix-it Build

    lol wow, sounds like the rest of the server were up to mischief! I didnt see any of these bugs! xD *tears*
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday March 11 - 18

    Wow… Moogliemoo inspired a song 🤣 it brings tears to my eyes as hes my favorite sugarsweet zing 💖
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    St Paddy Fashion Show Extravaganza!

    Fairy Prince Eli (EU1) :D 🍀 glitter glitter🍀 “Off for an adventure”
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    Item Shop Sugarsweet Otters

    Beautiful said 💖💯🌸
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    Item Shop Sugarsweet Otters

    Wow, I didnt think it would surprise me much (but it did) lol… Anta… can i assume you got a nice pink fluffy Otter? 💖🤣 (Didnt think it was your colour?)