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    Taken Display Names

    Well definitely everyone who never logged in longer than 30 minutes could be wiped no problem
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    Taken Display Names

    I am not sure it would be good to wipe names. Because we so often hear from players who came back after years, first having played in closed beta etc. If names do get wiped I would suggest to only do those who haven't logged in since before starfall.
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    Question about the account

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    Turkish Translate / Türkçe Çeviri

    they do, in fact. It is impossible to get all languages translated profesionally, so they only had that done for the German translation (because those have their own server, and because the Neonga partner representative happens to be german). Since the entire game dialogue is longer than War and...
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    Music contest?

    While I love the idea, I am not sure it is achievable. Normally when we do contests, they are accessible to everyone. I've played music instruments since I was 6, and I cannot even compose. I think most people here cannot compose, so I think it would exclude too many people
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    Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    If al these players are half as broke as you claim them to be then a trade economy is doomed anyway because they cannot buy a lollypop even if they wanted. And I for one have enough trash in my vaults without buying the low level trash of a low level player that I could get myself in half the time
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    Mobile: Double-Tap to Jump: Yes or No?

    Not everything on the qol thread got done yet, some might not even have been considered yet. This was just a tiny small think that could very quickly be changed, so it was done now. Any/most other requests will be considered for the big build that is coming later this year (s)
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    Patch Notes Patch 4.58.2 - Servers Down Monday, April 12th

    Hey typhen, best go and vote in the vote poll thingy Ivar made. Then you're sure your vote is taken along :)
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    New AT feature in minimap won't work properly

    Submitting a bugreport sends valuable game information along to the Devs, a forum post does not. Yes it is in the right section of the forum, but the additional required information isn't attached to a forum post. The problem also isn't in their bugdatabase now. But sure, don't.
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    New AT feature in minimap won't work properly

    Please bugreport when it happens again
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    Patch Notes Patch 4.58.2 - Servers Down Monday, April 12th

    another option perhaps that might take less time to implement is to make the double tap speed - required to make the jump- higher to try and make incidental jumps less easy. I do not play mobile myself, but I can imagine the people who double tap with intend to jump, tap faster than people who...
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    Vote on the mobile double jump feature

    I dont think people are keeping close watch on you when in game just to see how much you jump. who does that?
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    Raids Season 2

    I love your suggestions Ceres! A little while ago I suggested on discord the mechanic that there is a gate (rookery or castle would work well for it) that only opens if people stand on specific spots. Indiana jones anyone, where things start happening when he steps on a specific tile that moves...
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    Mana Changes Proposal 2.0

    I really hate having to use double plants to craft high level mana potions (or any mana potions actually). I dont need many in daily game play, but I do need a lot when in EZ or raids in a group. the only result this will give is that I either stop using feats once the mana is empty, or I wont...