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    What in gods name are the Devs thinking????

    This will be fixed in the next build. The recipe will be 'common' so it won't be sold anymore on accident.
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    Patch Notes 4.34.3

    Elder Level XP tables are based on however much XP is needed to get to max level (i.e. to go from 94 to 95). So every time level cap is raised, Elder Levels automatically are adjusted. We did not specifically change anything other then raising level cap. It has worked this way exactly since the...
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    Changes to Vendor's "Sell all gems" button (PC only)

    We were improving the feature, as I said. We saw an opportunity to make a good feature better, and so we did so. I'm sorry you don't see it as an improvement.
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    Changes to Vendor's "Sell all gems" button (PC only)

    Selling Junk sells all grey items that can be sold. This includes inferior gear, flowers, gems, exotics, and other random grey items. If an item is not grey, it will not be sold. If an item is grey, then it means that it designed to be 'junk' or to be sold. When an item is involved in a quest...
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    Patch Notes 4.34.3

    There was a small XP nerf to bounties that mistakenly didn't make it into notes. It was part of a fix where any race of "Giant" was giving bonus XP, and in fixing that some adjustments were made. The changes only affect the 'base xp' of a bounty, not the bounty quest reward that you get once...
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    *Spoiler [Item]* Is it a bug that I can't Gnog "Wrath of Clorian* rune of a necklace into the neck piece I want? I just want confirmation

    Its a bug. It will be fixed in the Christmas build. Until then just hold the item and once the fix is live you can gnog it normally.
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    Quest Suggestion: The Blessings of Tianma

    The Christmas Build will have some changes to Tianma making the quest a bit easier: At each follow point where Tianma appears, she will remain visible for ~12% longer. At each follow point where Tianma appears, players will have ~30% more time to reach the location to continue the quest...
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    Extremely Frustrating Shade Daily

    Shadenor has almost three times more regular mob spawns than the Dusk Twins (104 compared to 291). So once you have Shadenor open you will have roughly 4x (395) the spawns to look through, which will make the quest much easier.
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    New Ardent Society Membership Plan

    Great questions everyone! Since some are confused about the first time Ardent Society gift, here is some additional info. When a player signs up for the first time to become an Ardent Society member, then ALL characters on your entire account (even other servers) will: Get the wardrobe...
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    New Ardent Society Membership Plan

    Just to note, Ardent Society is $7 dollars a month, not $15 dollars a month.
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    New Ardent Society Membership Plan

    And just to note, normal shop sales will stack. So as an Ardent Society member, something that normally costs 100 crowns would cost 90 crowns. And then if there was a 10% sale running on that item, then you would instead pay 81 crowns (90 * 10% off).
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    New Ardent Society Membership Plan

    We thought about doing this, but decided against it. The calendar is already in a pretty nice spot, the interface is clean and bug free, the rewards are balanced, overall its pretty solid. We didn't feel like messing with something that was already working well. We also figured there would be...
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    Plentiful nodes

    There is currently a bug where the zones will reset and wipe Plentiful Node timers. This is probably what you are seeing. It is already fixed and will be pushed live with the next build.
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    Hello everyone, Players have been posting / talking about dungeons quite a bit, so I wanted to take some time to talk about everything that is going on. We want to explain why we made the recent changes (first half of this post), but also let you know about the upcoming adjustments we will be...
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    Red Darrig key Vendor

    Hi Greengo, The Darrig chests won't be changing anytime soon. If you don't like how they currently are setup, that's okay, not every aspect of the game will appeal to every player. You can simply not purchase or engage with them if you choose to do so. However please stop calling other players...