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    Lightning warriors are losing aggro to my fire wiz

    I've done my fair share of tanking before and after the Mana update, and I've yet to see a situation where I lost aggro to a dps character. I've lost the boss' focus on me at times but that was not due to aggro but bug/mechanic (like steeled affix) of the fight. I don't know you nor your tank...
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    Crafting Overhaul (Less RNG, more Rewards)

    Only Mythic recipes are epic at 5 stars, the standard recipes are guaranteed rare with a low chance to be epic with the proper crafting specialization. And yes the 25% would be added to the base 50% at 5 stars, making it 75%. I like those ideas :) Yes I can see it being implemented as such, I...
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    Crafting Overhaul (Less RNG, more Rewards)

    Necroing this one. Tidied it up a bit, also changed some parts of it. Glad to see some of it were added (like carvings no longer soulbound or being able to craft all stats). Some parts of it I'm unsure. I wrote celestial gear should be account bound, but I could imagine it being tradeable, but...
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    A token system to solve the horrid drop RNG (standard/fabled gear)

    Yes it is to increase playtime, but if the motivation of the player is to gain something valuable and you make it almost impossible (or at least unreasonable) to earn it, you are not increasing playtime, because people just won't bother with it. Compared to what we have now, even that would be...
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    A token system to solve the horrid drop RNG (standard/fabled gear)

    I’m getting close to 50 platinum+heroic runs and have managed to get a single rare fabled piece of gear (for the set I don’t want) so far, which is quite disheartening to me, and instead of making me motivated to grind for it more, I’m leaning towards completely dropping it, which I believe was...
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    Christmas Bash 2.0 (Reworking Bash into something Fun)

    Necroing this one as Grinchta's Lair will be the next upcoming EZ and would really love to see some changes being made to Bash so it's not the frustrating experience as it was last year for all the reasons outlined in this thread.
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    Raids season 7 feedback

    So season 7 I believe seen many improvements to the seasonal raid format. The reduced number of wins you need to advance a tier, the increased dungeoneering xp, the changes to cloister and swamp and also the reduced cooldown for relic spells. But there could be more improvements to be made...
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    Patch Notes Patch 5.14 - Fabled Gear! - Servers Down Tues, Oct 24th

    If you don't like the current set your subclass got that's all good, be sure to offer feedback on it. But do keep in mind in the future more sets could be added, that could better fit your build, playstyle. And also fabled sets are not meant to be superior to standard gear, they mean to be...
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    Dungeoneering buffs

    It says BASE health increased, that's why you prolly only see an increase of ~30% TOTAL health
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    The problem with village insight

    The math doesn't add up. Either tooltip is wrong or the system scammed you pretty hard
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, Oct 16th for Raids Season 7!

    Really superb patch, with lot of great improvements to raids. Just did a few bronze runs with some friends, and the dungeoneering leveling felt great, not to mention that we only had to do 1 bronze to progress to silver tier. Swamp and Cloister feels better too! Now if only Cata could get some...
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, Oct 16th for Raids Season 7!

    That is my understanding, that the "ancient treasures" are not coming in this patch.
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    Patch Notes The Haunted Moors!

    EZ Boss timer will be changed in an upcoming patch, see here.
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    Golden Sheep.....

    These are some good points. I'm also one of the lucky ones who still had the chance to buy the sturdy tools so I usually made a good enough money by selling the sheeps. They really should bring those items back to the crown shop along your suggestions on daily harvest (which should also make...
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    Class balancing

    If by trivial you mean painfully slowly soloing some bosses, then yes warriors can render it trivial (although it can be done by other classes too like priest and shaman, unsure about hunter and wizard though). It's what YOU want. Which is fine, but not everyone agrees with that necessarily...