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    Eclipse flair pack?

    Eclipse flairs are from season 1 raid rewards. They should be available again to be purchased for ducats next raid season (unless those plans to reintroduce legacy raid season rewards have changed)
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, May 6th for Equinox!

    @Yinn Event vendor mounts never give premium speed, only shop bought ones
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    Equinox - Complete Event Guide

    Updated with new items and run order. If your server runs it in a different way or there's a different etiquette, let me know and I'll add it to the guide. Thank you, and good luck getting your desired goodies!
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    The “highlander”

    I think this is a convoluted solution to the only one tank needed problem. It's hard to keep track of (you'd constantly need to watch the threat meter) and it could be either underused and unnoticed if one tank really does majority of the threat, or some burst dps would just suddenly get one...
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    The Angry Bard (Fury Warrior Support/DPS build)

    Build is updated to reflect all the changes since 2020. I'll try to record a video when next raid season launches to showcase its playstyle
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    The Angry Bard (Fury Warrior Support/DPS build)

    It still works (especially for group content), and can offer even better support than before (but also being more mana intensive). Some of the info is wrong, since talents, feats were changed, but otherwise you can use it as a base. I might tidy it up later this week
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    Sugarsweet Summit - Complete Event Guide

    Love and candy is in the air, the infamous duo of Bonnie and Clyde are back, and so is your chance to earn the coveted Ivory Mustang or some other sugarized sweetness. Send a lollygram to your beloved or craft yourself some lollipop weaponry. Sugarsweet Summit has it all, so let's take a look...
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    Fabled Gear Feedback

    This is incorrect. While the wording makes it seem like this is how it works, in reality when you reapply the Slash's DoT again it ends it and the critical explosion happens, so you don't need to wait for the full duration of the DoT effect to end. Also the damage is not 100% of the damage...
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    Best healer class

    Best in what regard? They are both amazing at keeping people alive, just different styles (water -> heal over time focus with mana restoration; holy -> more direct heals with buffs and shields).
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    Fabled Gear Feedback

    Has the recent increase in Fabled gear drop rate resulted in a noticeable improvement? I haven't noticed any difference. The drop rates are still absolutely awful (longer explanation here). Based on your experience / data points, how often do you acquire a Fabled piece? It is around 1 in...
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    The VH Event Committee (EC)

    Congrats Ophelia! Can't wait to see all the madness you'll unleash on EU1 :D
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    New Ardent Ledger!

    Wish they did this, would make so much sense, it lets you use whatever mount you like with whatever passive/active skill you enjoy or need. I think having more customization options is always better than being limited to a few (which is the current system, because quite often the mount whose...
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    New Ardent Ledger!

    Congrats to the new royal guardians, especially Fire Fly, well deserved, she does a whole lot for a lot of folks on the server (myself included!). Also super excited about the upcoming new zones, raid and wait you really bringing back the legacy raid rewards? Man, Christmas came super early...
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    Grinchta's Lair - Complete Event Guide

    I added an extra note to Bash to emphasize that it will take 4 days to start doing it. While it would be possible to make calculations that takes all the one time quests into account save for the 225 daily one, I felt like there are already too many, and it would be overly complicated. I tried...
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Tuesday, Jan 2 for Small Build - Patch 5.18

    Bosses are still up every 2 hours, the bounty reactivation time is 1 hour now (it just worded oddly)