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  1. 2 Pages of my items are locked behind a paywall

    Well unfortunately for me I didn't know about this. I never expected my items to be locked away hostage until they get more money from me. I am not going to log in and play anymore until this issue is fixed. I am not talking about me getting my items. I am talking about ALL players. When AS...
  2. 2 Pages of my items are locked behind a paywall

    That's exactly the problem here! Holding onto my items until you get my money is a predatory decision. I am all for supporting a game I love but like I said times are tough. I don't like that my items are hostage until you get my money. That's messed up any way you look at it. I am not allowed...
  3. 2 Pages of my items are locked behind a paywall

    Recently my Ardent Society membership expired. I love this game and I love supporting this game, but times are tough and I can't always afford to be spending on a game. BUT- on the day that my AS membership expired, I noticed that when I went to my vaults, I can no longer withdraw any of my...
  4. What's the deal with Grave Bolt?

    Yes I am a shadow priest good guess lol. And there is actually a shadow priest skill you get called whispers of the sect where it sheds aggro and I literally never have a use for that one. I only use Grave Bolt for the single mob pulls. Yes it is SUPER inconvenient to wait for such a long...
  5. What's the deal with Grave Bolt?

    wow you're right! I scrolled down on that link and there is an area that shows rune levels on the new tooltips. That's super exciting! Thanks for that :)
  6. What's the deal with Grave Bolt?

    Good to know, and hopefully the devs include original rune level or something similar in a future update.
  7. What's the deal with Grave Bolt?

    That makes sense about the rune being the lvl of the original trinket it was found on. But my main point is, that there is no info about this in the game. You would be surprised how many players are too shy to ask anything in world chat, so having this info in the game would be pretty helpful...
  8. What's the deal with Grave Bolt?

    It's not working against monsters anymore like it used to. A helpful player told me something about rune level and trinket level having to do with it, and those being too weak compared to the monster I am fighting. So why can't I find any of this information on the wiki, or in the game? I...
  9. Stuck on loading screen

    Thanks so much for your help @Sarah Otter!
  10. Stuck on loading screen

    I'm unable to play since about 2pm CST, I have been unable to get past the Aberdeen Heath loading screen. It just gets stuck on the loading screen. I know at least 1 other person is stuck on the same loading screen as I am.
  11. Would love to see this guy as a mount.

    This guy looks so cool! Would love to see a mount that looks like this monster!
  12. Power level - US2

    Having someone "do all the work" is the wrong way to look at it. I am trying to reach a point where I can be more helpful to others. Right now I am a useless noob lol. Every single other game I have played has grind parties that are power lvling alts and such. I don't understand the hoard the...
  13. Power level - US2

    Cool good to know! I actually asked earlier in game, and people online at that time made it seem like I was asking something that was taboo in this game. I will keep searching. Thanks for the info!
  14. Power level - US2

    So as a noob, I am kind of stuck in areas where there really aren't that many people playing. (Level 35, rebirthed once) I am wondering if there are any players that like to help noobs power level. I just want to reach that point where I can start participating more and also I want to be able...
  15. Keyboard doesnt pop Up

    I recently began experiencing this quite a bit on android mobile. Playing on a Galaxy S10+, using Gboard not that trash samsung keyboard lol