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    Treasure bank exchange

    In the livestream the devs mentioned about the furniture you could buy by depositing the gold and retaking the gold back when you don't want it anymore (if my explanation is correct ). It game me some ideas on how we could stash gold in the vaults without creating a gold vault. My idea is by...
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    What about star gates types of portals to the instanced house? And we would have different styles of portals.
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    What about tree houses or floating ones?
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    Mount Flair/Accessories

    It would be nice to see some sparkling ✨
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    Raid Nether Camel--would you please add skills (e.g. speed boost)

    And there is me who just hoards the mounts for their skin.... Jokes aside, Probably I would be hated for my answer, but I don't care... It's sad that now the reason for having a mount is for their skills. Where did that " because it's cool" reason go? I got almost all dragons despite...
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    Dragon Value.

    Maybe creating a type of flying buff for flying type of mounts, like the bridle one for speed
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    where are these

    You can find the recipes here
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    Ardent ledger?

    When will the Ardent ledger be updated? I miss the Sneaky Scribbler.... and his sneaky gossips...
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    A case for better social distancing for companion pets, please!

    Congratulations for the royal baby 🍾
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    St Paddy Fashion Show Extravaganza!

    Same outfit but tried to change the settings to be seen better.
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    St Paddy Fashion Show Extravaganza!

    Constantine ElSheba Eu1
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    Shield Slot for Wizards and hunters

    All balanced apart from ice wiz.....
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    Sugarsweet Summit Feedback!

    I recently saw Chocolate factory of willy wonka and I loved that colourful garden of sweets. Really loved contrasting colours
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    EZ rewards

    You forgot the musical toys. There are only two of them in the entire game.
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    New Event Zone outfits

    What a handsome lad 😉