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  1. Grinchta's Lair Departure Date

    I followed your advice and contacted support -- they were great, straightened things out so I did get my reindeer. Yay!
  2. Grinchta's Lair Departure Date

    Grrrr, I am so mad at this game right now. Our internet went out right after this event started, down for 11 days (oh, so painful), so I got a very late start on the Grinchta event. But I've been pushing hard, and was within ONE DAY of getting enough Christmas Joy for a reindeer mount. But...
  3. Thank You Secret Santa

    Thank you to my Secret Santa who sent me a lovely note and some useful materials. Still working on my crafting levels so extra fleece and ore definitely help out! Wishing all Secret Santas a happy Christmas!
  4. Private Otter's 1001 Arabian Nights!

    CarlynG US1 Level 90 Ice Wizard