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    Haunted Moors Departure Date!

    It means finish up Sunday evening
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    New Ardent Society Membership Plan

    I'm just catching up on all of this, great job dev team, looks awesome! My sub expires on 11/7 and since I'm not playing that much was thinking of canceling but I'm going to let it re-roll just to support. CW
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    Quest Drops Bug

    No matter how much anyone may dislike changes to the game or gathering etc. , this type of exceptional customer service you would never see in any other MMORPG.
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    Killed Skulker but.....

    What time is the daily reset? is it midnight? I forgot.
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    Feeling Punished as a Villager and confused about how to make money anymore

    Honestly I haven't been as conntect to this game as I used to be so I don't know the extent of what is going on. I feel really bad for the crafters though I know how much you guys loved this game.
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    Please Slow Down The Gold Sink

    The cost for travel should be free after you unlock the zone and to counter this gear should lose durability when attacked and on death and need to be repaired for a cost based on your level. I know this used to be a thing and was removed. And for the gatherers out there, tools should lose...
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    Botters, cheaters, and exploiters, oh my!

    If you go back to the same node and no one else used it, yes.
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    EU1 and EU2 and US Servers Reboot

    @Sarah did you guys sleep at all???
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    The Haunted Moors (4.32) Patch Notes

    Is there a day/time yet for the push? I've been out of the loop.
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    Character question's

    Get off of Steam ASAP
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    Fairy Sockets

    Use them in smart ways like making separate Shiver gear, make some elder only weapons and armors, play around with them
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    Travel Costs

    Was it uphill both ways as well? :ROFLMAO:
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    Progression, Endgame & The Open World

    Great ideas but you put alot of work into something that's not going to change. Why not try to land a gig as a game/content creator for a new game?
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    What items qualify as preparation items for crafting specialization?

    When you speak to Steery in Ardent City about Crafting Specializations he gives a very detailed description of all the specializations along with warning you several times along the way that the decision is final and can't be changed. Here is what he says: The developers must always deliver...
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    Ahh the depths got him before the Drom did, lucky him!