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    Zone list - where can I go!

    Thank you Lucas. And sorry for the slow update. I have updated: Shiverspine Hell's Furnace The Forbidden Tower I also checked the Future, but the 5 extra ones that span does not have status as bounties, they are 2 and 3 sculled Zingara types. Please let me know if I missed anything else.
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    Leveling through 60+ Zones without being a Nature Hunter

    I never had a problem with any class. I did it with lightning warrior, fire wizard, nature hunter, holy + shadow priest and earth shaman. But my play was never to sneak by, but fight my way through. A hero is not sneaking!
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    Send To All In Guild Box Gone

    It is missing on mobile, but not on PC.
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    Stuck in Initializing Screen

    I also have the problem, phone and computer version.
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    Pyrron Zones

    You also get some medallions from Pinebone, but I think the gold cost does not add up to what you gain.
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    Quest Item Timer

    You can give them in, even when you don't have all 100. And later give in the rest.
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    Patch 4.35 - (The Holiday Build) Patch Notes

    I did the horse quest just before the update, and my guide just after. None of us had a problem. My best advice is to avoid aggro from mobs and bounties.
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    I would just look in the game here on my character:
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    When Will It Get Fixed?

    Completely forgetting to code it!
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    Crafting & Gathering Guide

    What a great guide you have made. Thank you :)
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    3 to 5 minute warning for event zones

    Yes Zazie, that is what I meant. And actually it would make it faster than now, because we are already waiting 5-15 minutes.
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    3 to 5 minute warning for event zones

    How about adding a 5 minutes shield to event bosses. That way nobody can kill it the first 5 minutes (lower spawn times with 5 minutes too). I remember when we saw a message saying something like Druda has arrived, heroes are needed. May add an event boss message, where each player can...
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    Jumping Boots?

    This is where you can see the enhancement:
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    Christmas Theme

    Event themes changing the appearence of the village would be a nice project.
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    So much mana

    You use the plauge and as soon as it refresh you use it again. The first cast of the spell is still running, applied it already makes you loose the rest of the damage overtime. Seems like you do not pay attention to that for any of your spells.