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    Current Status of Bugs in Patch 4.40.4

    Please note that we're doing elder run at 17:30 Ardent time on EU1. Missed half of the people today after the fix.
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    Patch 4.40.4 (Servers Down Monday, March 16th)

    Yeah, new loot "improvement" is so bad... PLEASE, return to old version. Upd. Mega loot from mote.
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    Game Balance

    Nature Hunter with 20 mil damage after 95's run? He needs to delete his char. 50% of top damage for trashy build that was made without any effort? Brilliant idea. If level 95 players aren't sure how to build their characters then they're completely noobs. V&H is not a hardcore game, so don't...
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    New Interface

    Btw, "Green" sockets "Purple" sockets They can't be stacked. It looks weird now.
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    Chilled Blood curse

    Only single target cure, necklace skill.
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    Should Elders be Scaled?

    So "play together" or "focus on their main story"? As an "established player" I like to see my progress clearly without any form of scaling. And I don't want to see scaled noobs ruining the runs. Friend, brother, whatever. If you want to downgrade 95's char for low level elder - why would I...
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    New player looking for a tips in building ice wizard.

    Build "for fun" from my toon. Javelin with ulti, free fireball, heal, perma-stun from two aoe. Glacial spike & Hoarfrost were gnogmented with event sockets, they're not necessary.
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    Rebirth in Blight Bay

    What about the vault at Blight Bay? It will be closed too?
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    Current Contest Shaman Challenge Submissions

    Danger Zone EU 1 Big thanks to guild ILLUMINATES for sharing their time and helping me. You're great!
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    Shaman questions

    If you want to contest with strong enemy, water shield might not be able to handle all incoming damage. If you play with Earth Elemental - it's ok maybe. Speaking of winning... Have you tried soloing Maldwyn's Tomb on 75-80 levels? I play in Water + Windfury and I need all available heal spells...
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    Shaman questions

    This build is good for making life difficult. You can just add one heal spell from crafted axe without spending 10 talent points.
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    Sub-Class Builds Poll

    Wind Shaman.