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    Patch Notes Patch 4.76.1 Coming to Live Tonight, Friday

    Aww to bad the trees in woods was a bug , would be a fun combat mechanism made the raid very interesting.
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    Patch Notes Patch 4.75.1

    Can't access village center without using npc teleport and seems bug report is giving errors on mobile said please try again internal error.
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    What keeps YOU buried in the Catacomb?

    I have 2 95 toons doing raid both are struggling fire wizard and holy healer with the op mob attacks and thames on attack from a mob is over 30-45k on gold, Thames cannons go off to fast theres no time to dodge and on gongs as mobile player I can only see the first 4 columns not the back 2...
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    St Paddy Fashion Show Extravaganza!

    PrinceVegeta US2
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    is the current speed of otter mounts in water a bug?

    just got the otter mount on one of my toon did a swim race with otter vs my friend being on the carpet, I was twice as slow he actually was feets away before I got caught up to him , toon has premium speed , no bridle and nothing to increase speed/ swim was used , the otter is much faster on...
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, Oct 18th for The Haunted Moors !

    I have only one complaint the chart at bottom of mobile makes it so hard to not click jump or accidently hitting the chart bottom moving other then that interesting patch, ardent feels alot better not getting stuck on paths and it feel like an older version of vh .
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    Pyramid of Anuk'Amon

    Are quests in the pyramid too easy? Too hard? Not interesting? the quests are challenging, mob one is to hard with out a group escort for anyone below level of max have died numbers of time just trying go to hunt backpack or gather in one shot hits. Is the layout of the pyramid interesting? Is...
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    In-game Memorial Service for AliasSam

    I also remember the snowball and kissy lips fights ,Sam always win ,no matter how many times I tried avoiding them, she was always cheerful and there when someone need help in the game , I will miss her alot , she was more then just a friend, she was an angel and very sweet player to have...
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    Patch 4.61 - The Fiery Veldt

    andriod users might have to uninstall, reinstall then uninstall again, until it updates, had to do that twice.
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    Fire blast/floor damage on Empowered Anosia

    It's also a problem on healers side, we can't make it though to this floor and poof dead in instant, no matter the level, my max 95 holy can't survive, and that has caused major issue for tanks once there's no healers left they have to leave the empower ladder or keeping going and hope they...
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    Mobile: Double-Tap to Jump: Yes or No?

    was loving the double jump was removed it was annoying during elders and always causing me to jump making it harder to heal others and harder to attack, I had no issue jumping after the update so don't understand why other mobile players are upset.
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    Patch Notes Servers Down Tuesday, March 9th for Fix-It Patch 4.56.1

    I just had serveral pc friend say they couldn't whisper me because I was on alt toon, this change is annoying especially when u want to zone run and remove from guild button? what happens if someone accidently removed :( this changed wasn't needed, just because I am on alt pc friends can't talk...
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    comparing items/gnomenting

    having pretty odd bug and only few others are having it, when i compare ex: necklace for holy priest, if I had gnog prior to switching toon it will not preview correct toon necklace , but show whatever toon I was on last gnoging, same goes for items, if i click a pie on a toon , then need to...
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    Aggro Bug when Enemy Spawn Adds.

    Had hox do this another night with baldox in 95s on warrior but there a bit more in my case, its just not elders but seems it normal bounties to doesn't matter what toon I am on ageis suddenly occurs and I know I didn't pull it pass the leash limit, has occurred since Grintcha, when running with...