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  1. Patch 4.42 - Shadow of The Eclipse!

    I hope to one day see a locked 30 FPS option to mobile settings. I always check patch notes to see if it was finally added, but disappointed every time:cry:
  2. Everything Went Wrong in Dungeon + We are Not Getting Help.

    I need definition for "Hunzi"šŸ˜…
  3. Wow! V&H wins Best Indie MMO of 2019 from MassivelyOP!

    Congrats Otters! Very well deserved. I might not always leave the most positive of posts here on the forum, but I have stuck around on your game for over 3 years and always give recommendations for this game on any other mmo I may periodically play. Glad to see you guys getting some recognition...
  4. Android Players News Update

    They will compensate for missed calender rewards as well if it ends up taking a few days. Have faith in the Otters. You honestly don't have anything to worry about:)
  5. Android Players News Update

    She very clearly said that android users will be compensated. This most likely means that Android users will be given some event currency in the compensation to help make up for lost currency that everyone else has been able to obtain.
  6. The 5, 95 Club

    Congrats! Now to do it again on your alt:p
  7. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. Rebirth in Blight Bay

    Same here. 4 rebirths lvl 93. Was planning on doing final rebirth after hitting lvl 95, unlocked all blight zones, and completed the storyline. Feeling very discouraged now since I think building rep continues long after the story is finished. We'll see I guess.
  9. Rebirth in Blight Bay

    I guess this means that everyone needs to do all the rebirths they plan on doing for their character before heading to blight isles. Bummer.
  10. Rebirth in Blight Bay

    I'd also like to know if reputation will be reset. I really hope not!
  11. Botters, cheaters, and exploiters, oh my!

    Yikes. I've never experienced being bothered while crafting on US3 so didn't think that was an issue. That would definitely tick me off though.
  12. Extremely Frustrating Shade Daily

    The silver dropping imps are solid blue while the others are only partially blue.
  13. Extremely Frustrating Shade Daily

    Yes I realize it is RNG, but being able to go up to 30 while also dealing with other players killing in the zone, or just having bad spawn rng is entirely too frustrating for a daily when there will eventually be 10+ dailies to do everyday. I really feel like it needs a bit of tweaking.
  14. Extremely Frustrating Shade Daily

    Well Dusk twins has a lot of players picking through the mobs, which can make it hard to get the mobs you need for quests. I'll see how it goes once I get to Shadenor.
  15. Extremely Frustrating Shade Daily

    There is a particular shade patrol daily that feels as if the drop rate is much too low. I just finished it after returning several times throughout the day and spending 3 hours searching and killing. 26 blight cats later, the item finally dropped. 26 might not SEEM that high, but remember that...