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    🤛👨‍🦱🤜 👈👕👉 ✋👖🤚
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    Patch 4.35 - (The Holiday Build) Patch Notes

    What this Video this will help suggested by Zeph just run to where it is looking...but first reach where you saw it.
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    Patch 4.35 - (The Holiday Build) Patch Notes

    Post Update Map not getting updates..Bounties shows red even after killing them
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    Android Players News Update

    Can you share the APK file through Google Drive or any other media so that we can install new version on Mobile? Do this will resolve the issue till Play Store get updated version?
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    Android Players News Update

    Do we get compensation if play on PC as well as Android?
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    Patch Notes 4.34.3

    Dont you play and try by yourself before releasing. Dungeon is still impossible...
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    Patch Notes 4.34.3

    Dungeon... Are you serious Devs..You dont want us to play Dungeon... 6 player lv 85~90 failed dungeon 3 Wizards,1 Healer 1 Tank 1 DPS... Thanks for so easy Dungeon
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    Patch Notes 4.34.3

    Lock Item... Money players complaint that they accidentally sold or gnomed the item which they want to use. Lock should prevent selling and gnoming, hope devs will think about this...
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    Frigid Acuity and Permafrost

    Can any one explain what is Frigid Acuity and Permafrost, how it is different from Ice Mastry
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    Downtime Compensation Gifts!

    It is above the patience. Cant wait, Please bring it up fast.
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    This is the Lesson. Last time when Server went down for few hours, suggested to have DR Site. Which should have replica of Game Server in another Data Center. Not sure whether it is under budget of Otters. But ideal case is you should have DR Site.
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    New class/ profession

    How about one more Melee Class - Assassins - One with Attack Speed Bonus and another with Critical Damage Bonus
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    Servers Down Thursday, Feb 14

    Wasting most of my Week off and Holiday by reading the forum due to server down or any technical issues.
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    Game down?

    Dont we have any redundancy for Server. Or it will be costly for this game?