News from the Seven Realms • Issue #15 • December 11, 2015

Note: This issue is archived from a previous version of the V&H website. It may be missing images or content.

The Headline

The Christmas Patch Is Live!

Break out your swords and candy canes, maces and mistletoe, bows and bells, and staffs and stockings because the Christmas patch has arrived! Grinchta, that mean spirited green thug you all love to hate, is currently skulking atop his snowy peak waiting for brave adventurers with whom he and his nefarious elves can cross deadly swords with.

Grinchta’s Lair, with its festively lit trees and gently falling snowflakes, is a winter wonderland where all manner of delightful surprises—and an array of deadly foes—await. Like what? Rewards, gifts, and goodies for players of any level! Crafting quests, dailies, and much more!

And this year, in addition to a variety of increased battle challenges, we thought we’d explore something new with regards to attire. Think of it as the ‘Mix and Match’ plan! Instead of releasing entire outfits with specific accompanying accessories, our team of artists have done the reverse and created a series of unique holiday themed items which will enable players to accessorize themselves however they see fit. And just wait till you see what our artists have cooked up! You’ll not be disappointed!

Everyone, grab your friends, new and old, and explore the fun which waits all in Grinchta’s Lair!

Fan Works

V&H Jewelry!

It’s no secret that we have an amazingly talented and creative player community. But did you know that one of our players, in real life, designs and creates gamer jewelry? That’s right, GAMER JEWELRY!

April and her husband, Adam, run a successful on-line business called LicketyCut, and have been trend-setters in Laser Cut Acrylic Gamer Jewelry since 2009. Their catalogue of merchandise is extensive and incredibly unique, and features jewelry, key chains, decals, and more of countless games as well as films and television shows. (Dr. Who Seal of Rassilon pendant, anyone? Or maybe a pair of Star Wars Rebel Alliance earrings?)

They also specially create items upon request, and are expanding their already very large catologue of merchandise on a regular basis. (April also tells me that she has just started working on a V&H vinyl!)

We encourage you all to explore this wonderful site!


V&H Player: Eljay

The ever inquisitive Puzzler, our ace volunteer reporter from US 1, has not been idle! Thanks, Puzzler and Eljay!

Player: Eljay
Server: US 1
Class: Wizard

Favorite zone in game? Least favorite? Favorite is Sugarsweet Summit. SOCKETS! Need I say more? Can’t really say I have a least favorite. But I’ve only gone as far as Sapphira’s Lament. There’s probably a least favorite coming up.

What’s the most important thing that everyone running zones with you should know about you? I brake for loot.

What’s your favorite craft to do in the game? They’re all too grindy, so they’re all equally my most favorite and least favorite at the same time. I would probably enjoy crafting more if there was a feature that kept track of the amount of mats needed to craft an item. If the item info window – the one you get when you right-click an item – had a textbox to enter a quantity, and used that number as you clicked through the mats, that would be awesomely helpful.

Would you rather wake up covered in snails or covered in spiders? Snails, I guess. At least I could gather them up and cook them. Can’t say I’d do the same for spiders.

If V&H didn’t work for the next week so you couldn’t play it, how would you spend this extra time? Possibly play another game that my friends have been bugging me to try ever since I started with V&H a little more than a year and a half ago. Or maybe spend more time on my photography ( – shameless plug). Or maybe just take more naps.

What’s something that a lot of people are scared of, you aren’t? Spiders. Seems like a lot of people who play this game are afraid of them. I can’t say I like them, but I’m not afraid of them. I’m bigger and they squish easily.

What’s the bravest thing you have ever done? Who? Me? Ha! I think I’ve lived a fairly brave-free life. Well, except, maybe, just once, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …

Favorite player or group you like doing things with in the game? I am mostly a soloist because I am slow and methodical. But I like helping my younger guildies with their elders and whatever else they might need that they can’t easily do themselves. And I really enjoyed the groups that formed for the bounties in Sugarsweet Summit. I made a lot of friends there and learned a lot about playing weljay, my defense warrior.

What change would you like to see in the future? Do you too, dream of more choices of pants!? I’m just not an outfit kinda guy, so definitely no on the pants. I want more keyboard shortcuts so I can keep my hand away from the RSI causing mouse. (I especially want a kbd shortcut to move the horizon up and down.) I want all the UI annoyances to go away (e.g. the info popups when your mouse is on the list in crafting windows and messages that appear in the middle of the screen). And, this is the big one, a 4th toon!!!!!!! peljay is waiting to be born!!!!

What’s your favorite dessert? Sugar. Ok, if you must have something more specific than that, then it’s the Magnum Double Caramel Vanilla in Milk Chocolate ice cream bars. Mmmm, I think I’ll go have one now.

You forgot to ask for a joke. Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl in the bathroom? Because it has a silent pee.


Short Story Contest: Letters to Santa Edition II

There is an terrifically fun and creative contest taking place on the forums right now, one that also happens to be perfectly in keeping with this time of year! So start writing, folks!!!

The contest is: Short Story Contest: Letters to Santa Edition II

To quote the contest creator, Puzzler: “It’s that time of the year when we can reminisce about our year and wonder if we have any wishes for Santa. Please write a short story in a form of a letter to Santa remembering the year you had in the game, informing him of your good deeds, asking him for gifts for yourself or others and so on.”

Big prizes! So much creativity! The deadline to submit is: December 20, 2015

The Sneaky Scribbler

You Said It:

To each his own:
Ok time to go poopy then watch my show then cuddle my ferrets.” –Dalion (US2)

On little known facts:
Everyone passes gas…just women pass gas in the form of rainbows and fairy dust.” –Foxxy DeLa Canuck (US2)

Sharing is caring:
Aijima, there’s a large wet marshmellow sailing through the air at you.” –Elyssian (US2)

Sticks and stones…

On daytime TV:
I wanna go on Dr. Phil and talk about how v&h ruined my sleep.” –Old Hippy (US2)

On Bevyn the Abominable:
Were they like bicycle shorts? I could see a demon in bicycle shorts that’s so hot.” –Chandii (US2)

Gardening Tips from US2:
tickles2: Talking to plants helps them.
PINKYPOO: I have heard that and I’ve even danced for them.
Dracos Noros: They like music too. And I don’t mean put the speaker next to them, turn the system all the way up and play some death metal “GROW DAMN U, GROW!” That.. wont help none.
PINKYPOO: Now a cactus will never die but they are not very fashionable.

Royal Guardians

Congratulations, and a sincere thank you to the following four individuals for their outstanding contributions to Villagers & Heroes, and for always going above and beyond in their efforts for the game and community.

The Royal Guardians of the Realm for the month of November are:

  • Lyxi (EU 1)
  • Mimo (EU2)
  • Puzzler (US1)
  • AngelinaCopperscale (US2)

Behind The Scenes

Royal Guardian Outfit

Speaking of Royal Guardians, our artist and costume designer, Ryan, has just completed the special outfit which will be given to all individuals named as Royal Guardians of the Realm, and which will go into the next live build. (This is a one of a kind outfit, and will not be sold in the item shop, nor will it be worn by any NPC’s in the game, etc.) We thought you might enjoy getting an advanced preview of the outfit, as well as hear a few words from Ryan about it.


Originally I had plans on making this a noble’s outfit, focusing on the “Royal” part of the Royal Guardians. It looked nice on paper, but as I was starting to draft up the texture I wasn’t happy with it. The outfit didn’t really stand out, and I felt that I wasn’t hitting the mark for what I wanted to create for the people who help our community.

The Royal Guardians are players who consistently go above and beyond in their efforts to help other players. They are more like a guardian. Your knight in shining armor. Inspired by knights, I roughed out another sketch and went back to work.

Things clicked together as I painted and what you see is the result from that.